Menu Package & Pricing

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 Packages & Prices 

The Basic  $14 per plate 

served with 1 entrée, 2 side, dessert and beverage 

The Classy $16 per plate

served with 2 entrée, 2 side, dessert and beverage 

The Elite $18 per plate 

served with 3 entrée, 2 side, dessert and beverage 

The Royal Treatment $20 per plate

served with 4 entrée, 2 side, dessert and beverage

(Includes your choice of Dinner Rolls or Garden Salad.)

Packages of 50 people minimum prices do not include service needed for your event.

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Menu Items and Extras


Bacon, Turkey sausage patties, Pork Sausage,

Turkey sausage link, Pork Sausage link,

3 cheese omelets, Mini assorted Quiche,

Egg Bacon Cheddar Scramble,

Hash brown Patties, Grits, Oatmeal,

Biscuits, French Toast Sticks, Waffles, Mini Pancake

Lunch & Bars

Sandwiches or Wraps bar

$10 per person  served with chips & cookie

Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese and Onion

Turkey, Ham or Veggie 

(Pick one option for package pricing.) additional options $2 meat $1 veggie

Slider bar 

$12  per person

Served with chips

burger, shredded chicken, pull pork  or BLT  

(Pick one meat for package pricing.)

Bun, Lettuce, Tomato, pickles, and an assortment of condiments. 

Additional meats $2 per person


Taco bar  $12  per person shredded Chicken,

Ground Beef or Ground Turkey 

(Pick one meat option for package price.)

Toppings- lettuce, lime cabbage,

tomato, shredded cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo. served with soft and hard shell. Also with chips and salsa.

Add Rice and Beans $2 per plate

Add Guacamole  $1 per plate

Additional meats $2 per plate  

$12 per plate  

Choose any of these 4 option

If you would like additional option $2 per plate for each option.

All packages include Orange juice or  Apple Juice

Services & Rentals

Bar Service and packages
(Must be 21 order)

We have a wide range of service and rentals.


Event planning

Day of coordination

Set up Clean up


Rental (ask about available items) 


for buffet $25 hour or flat rate $75 


with tip jar $50

without tip jar $150

Bartender services

$50 with tips

 $150 no tips

Mixer and garnishes

Garnishes 4 options $40

Mixer 4 options $60

Mixer & Garnishes with 4 option for both $100  

Wine Package 

12 bottles of assorted wine 



Michigan state pricing  

Chocolate fountain 

$175 Rental with 2 pounds of chocolate

3 items to pick for dipping  

100 sticks

Additional Chocolate  $35  2 pound

Additional Item to dip $20 each option

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Premium and addons

Premium entrée upgrades

$6 per person Ribs, Baked Salmon

Catfish or Catfish nuggets

Premium side upgrades

$3 Greens or Lasagna with meat 


Additional Basis listed entrée $2

Additional  Basic listed side $1


Grilled Chicken Salad 1/2  pan $40 full pan $50

your choice of 2 dressing

House Salad 1/2 pan $25 full pan $35

your choice of 2 dressing

Caesar Salad 1/2 pan $25 full pan $35 

Caesar dressing

1/2 pan Salad Serve Approx. 40 to 50 Full pan salad Serve Approx.  90 to 100. All trays Serve Approx.  25 

Appetizer & Trays

Veggie Tray $30

Fruit Tray $50

Assorted Cheese & Crackers $30

Beef Franks in a blanket $35

Shrimp Sea Food Bites $50

Mini Crab Cake $50

Assorted puffs with savory filling $35

Spanakopita spinach & feta filled $35

Shrimp cocktail $50

Chips & Salsa $15

Hummus $30

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